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Connect a school project aims at building ICT infrastructure in the form of School computer ICT laboratories and providing the internet in public schools. 



The established computer laboratories provide a platform for learning and acquisition of advanced knowledge and data among learners and teaching staff. The Government of Malawi, through the Malawi 2063 vision has digitalization as one key enabler for socio-economic growth. In addition, the Malawi Digital Strategy motivates public and private actors to foster the growth of the education sector through literacy and numeracy by leveraging digital platforms, adaptive technologies for transferable knowledge, digital skills opportunities, and technical skills. The Malawi Government has several other initiatives aimed at connecting schools with the internet which include Last Mile Connectivity which has connected 145 schools and colleges in the country and a deliberate move through the Ministry of Education to connect 8000+ schools by 2030. Connecting schools provides many benefits including access to an ever-growing volume of educational information, building capacity for digital inclusion and participation, access to global education and economic opportunities, collaboration, and the use of online applications. Learners and teachers need to learn information and communication technology skills to enable them to participate in the evolving knowledge society. School connectivity also enhances educational administration through the electronic exchange of forms, data, and other information. It also achieves cost efficiencies by automating manual tasks and reducing expenses associated with textbook printing and distribution. Specifically, remote schools benefit more whereby access to the internet is used as the vehicle for online learning, transfer of knowledge and skills, and access to educational content. School connectivity programs can also be leveraged as vehicles to provide connectivity to marginalized and vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, the elderly, and the unemployed. USF is an implementing partner in the provision of ICT laboratory and pedagogy assistive technologies. The target set by the Ministry of Education is to have all 8000+ schools connected by 2030. USF is committed to this drive, mainly focusing on institutions in rural and hard-to-reach parts of Malawi.

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